For 8 years JELKATEX Ltd  /prev. JELKA IK / has been a supplier of flame resistant fabrics  and other kinds of special textile for protective work clothing in Baltic countries.

Permanently large varieties of articles are available in our warehouse in Riga, Latvia or can be delivered in a short time.  All the fabrics are breathable, treated against shrinking and certified according EU demands.

Our general business supplier – DALETEC AS / Norway/ leading manufacturer and supplier of flame resistant fabrics and Norway’s largest textile enterprise which uses the best raw material, chemicals and textile dyes in unique production process.

     In our warehousehouse always in stock:

-          flame retardant fabrics 100% cotton for maximum comfort and cot/polyester

blend suitable for the influence of a high temperature;

-          anti-static fabrics ;

-          high-visibility fabrics;

-          oil-water proof  fabrics.


art. „Metal splash” – for protective clothing for use in welding and similar operations. Resistance against sprays of molten metal .  

We can offer you special fabrics in 100% cotton, pol/cotton  and 100% polyester from leading European manufactories class A and B .